Development Management

We oversee, advise and coordinate real estate developments to ensure optimal results and maximise deliverance potential of each project we part of.


We serve our clients with a full-scale development management solution, acting from the land procurement all the way through to the development's completion. Our role is to offer a multi-professional and full-stack service, capable of delivering our clients' vision in a solid, ordered and profitable way.

We have developed a range of tools to support our streamlined work-frame and these systems helps us not only on leveraging our work capabilities, but also on improving our analytic and reporting accuracy, time-frames, scheduling and budgeting efficiencies.

Our company have built a trusted network of relationships with contractors and consultants across New Zealand, which allows us to work nationwide with acute awareness of regional specifics and challenges.

Key Services:

We can help you finding land for your next development. Our company will represent you throughout the whole process, bridging the relationship between you and the seller, and advising to ensure you will get the best possible deal.
If you already has or are on the process of purchasing new land for your development, we can conduct the due diligence process either as part of your purchase agreement or as part of your feasibility analysis. We liaise with engineers, geologists, planners and other professionals, organise and set up all the works, and produce a full report based on all the information gathered on the process.
Our Project Management Team will conduct a full-scale feasibility analysis on your project, liaising with a multi-professional team to raise up any legal, budget, time-frame or other potential impediments that will affect the project’s viability.
We will work closely with your designer to ensure the best achievable efficiency with the plans. Our goal is to optimise the design in a way we improve costs, time-frames and potential consent issues with your regional council.
Our Quantity Surveying Team will produce a detailed cost and budgeting report, outlining not only your expected execution costs, but also potential suggestions to improve your budget, time and operational efficiency.
We can oversee both your resource and building consent applications, liaising with producers, contractors, designers, planners, and other professionals, acting to produce documents and respond to potential RFIs along the way.
Our multi-disciplinary team will ensure maximum efficiency whilst project managing. We count on a range of tools and technologies that helps us to improve our performance when managing your project, allowing us to ensure deliverance on budget and on time.