Project Management

New Zealand Consulting Group is a leading provider of Project Management services for the construction and property industries in New Zealand.


We offer Project Management solutions from concept to closure, ensuring that your objectives are clearly outlined and managed during the entire process, which gives you certainty and control throughout each phase.

Our team puts together more than 10 years delivering construction and property projects across different countries, so there are very few challenges we did not have to overcome along these years. We have very knowledgeable professionals and they bring to the table not only technical skills and experience, but also integrity and honesty, which we consider to be the pillars of our company's 'way-to-do' things.

We have say around here: If we promise, we deliver! If there's a problem, we fix it!

Over the years we have developed a range of tools that helps us on being more effective on our project managing, providing advanced reporting to enhance our client's awareness in relation to their projects. We can promise you that the experience of working with us will have no equal, and you will never feel more secure and trustful on your own project.

Key Services: