We are a hands-on, New Zealand-based real estate, project management and construction group.


We help real estate developers, civil construction and engineering companies to thrive through risk mitigation, project and development management, resourcing and quantity surveying, with diligent analysis and attention to detail.


Maximum effectiveness, integrity and zeal.


To bring value to construction and engineering driven business, by providing effective solutions to increase productivity, well-being and profitability altogether.


To become the best-known advisory and consulting business in New Zealand, creating value to our clients and thriving through an effective, client driven and well-tailored business strategy.


Baronceli Family Holdings

Holding Company

Baronceli Family Holdings is the ultimate holding company of New Zealand Consulting Group, and a highly valuable partner, as it helps us on delivering our vision, mission and standing by our values.

The Residences


The Residences is the company behind the most high-spec and well built homes in Hawke's Bay. A key partner to our company, The Residences procure and develop land for luxurious and high-end subdivisions.

Benson Brothers


The Benson Brothers are specialised in high-end architecturally designed homes, and they bring to the mix more than 20 years of combined experience on bringing complex construction projects to life.

Red Jack Studio


Red Jack Studio is the company behind our website and most systems we use. They provide us IT support and marketing services, helping on promoting our services and developments.

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General Trades


General Trades Services is part of the New Zealand Consulting Group, and is our arms and legs in the trades industry. We offer carpentry, plumbing, electrical, welding and other integrated construction solutions.

Welding Solutions


Welding Solutions is an engineering company specialised in welding and structural steel fabrication. With its team of welders and fabricators, it serves business and individuals nationwide.

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